For The Love Of Reclaimed Wood

For The Love Of Reclaimed Wood

For The Love Of Reclaimed Wood

For the love of Reclaimed Wood

Nowadays, making carefully considered ethical choices when it comes to furnishing our homes is more important than ever. Less haste will ultimately mean less waste, and choosing more sustainable environmentally friendly reclaimed and salvaged furniture rather than mass-produced high street throwaway pieces will result in happier homes and a happier planet.

Opting for reclaimed furniture crafted from repurposed and recycled timbers - roof beams, floorboards, doors, windows and joists - will bring character to any and every interior scheme. From the most minimalist modern apartment through to classic country or rustic homes, reclaimed wood furniture will bring an individuality and uniqueness that off-the-peg furniture simply can’t achieve. Choose our reclaimed pine refectory table for your kitchen, or one of our tree stump side tables or window mirrors for your sitting room for a unique aesthetic statement.

For The Love Of Reclaimed Wood

But why choose reclaimed?

Not only will weathered wood add character and originality to your home, reclaimed furniture brings a new lease of life to recycled wood. It has a beauty and character that mass-produced furniture lacks and will add warmth and texture to any room. Reclaimed wood feels more homely, more natural and more attractive - it has stood the test of time and is stronger and more durable. Offering a rustic finish that is sympathetic to day-to-day wear and tear, it is ultimately very easy to care for and repair should the need arise! It is simply the perfect answer for modern family living. From reclaimed dining tables to rustic stools and benches, Home Barn offers peace of mind with timeless styles that will last for years to come.

For The Love Of Reclaimed Wood

Complementary to all interiors with a simple pared-back appeal, furniture crafted from rustic weathered wood is often beautiful and unique. Suitable for all types of interiors, it is easy to blend with rustic home accessories and unique vintage and antique finds.

For The Love Of Reclaimed Wood

Simply add an antique urn to a display on a console table. Or pop a vintage wooden dough bowl or rustic breadboard on your kitchen counter. However you choose to style the furniture in your home, we hope this blog has elevated your love of reclaimed and salvaged wood and inspired you to create a rustic space that is as stylish as it is ethical.

How To Shop Vintage: For Everyday, For Now And Forever

How To Shop Vintage: For Everyday, For Now And Forever

Shopping for antiques and unique vintage finds can feel like an overwhelming task for the uninitiated. But for many people these days, turning to antiques and vintage items, rather than mass produced homewares, is the key to furnishing their homes. Antiques last longer, are better value, better for the planet, and are the perfect way to reflect individuality and personal style.

Whether you're a seasoned shopper, or a curious beginner, a good place to start is to prioritise what you need and be focused. Try not to start off by looking for everything at once. The likelihood is that you'll probably come home with nothing - or worse, something that you don't love and you don't need. Allow your interior to evolve organically and gradually. Take your time. Think about what you need. Add investment pieces that will not only give you pleasure but will encourage your personal style to develop and last through the years. Choose wisely. Take time to seek out well made beautiful heirloom pieces that will inspire you to create your perfect home. Be patient - you will be less likely to make costly mistakes.

How To Shop Vintage: For Everyday, For Now And Forever

But what makes the perfect piece?


At Home Barn we thrive on all things antique, rustic and reclaimed. We combine rustic living with a modern twist, and blend modern antiques with our rustic homewares. By blending modern trends with precious inherited pieces, your home will become a space that carries beautifully through the years. And mixing the old with the new will create a seamless and harmonious interior. Combine contemporary neutral furnishings with vintage accessories, antique furniture and textured elements and your home will exude calm, comfort and originality.

How To Shop Vintage: For Everyday, For Now And Forever

Fill your home with antique finds, unique pieces that are something special and you'll keep forever, and your home will become a space that reflects your originality and personality. By choosing pieces that exist in harmony together, you will create a balanced and beautifully unified home. Focus your attention on a few signature pieces. Pieces that fit seamlessly into your interior and will work hard for you for years to come. Buy less, but better.

antique deconstructed hessian chair

Shop with conscience. Choose reclaimed furniture constructed from salvaged wood and you’ll be helping look after the environment too. ​​By investing in carefully considered, well-made key pieces for your home, you will in turn be taking a more sustainable approach to decorating your home. Consider the planet and repurpose! Use our dough bowls as unique fruit bowls. Our reclaimed antique ceramic pots could be a toothbrush holder. Old French jars would make wonderful storage in your larder. The list is endless!

By choosing wisely, and by spending time to search for the perfect piece, you will be investing in beautiful objects that our future generations will also love and appreciate.


How To Choose Your Dream Dining Table


Often the centrepiece of the room, the role of the dining table has evolved with the times. A dining table is more than just a piece of furniture. It's not just a place to eat. It’s a place to work, a place to study, and a place to come together with family and friends to just sit, relax and chat. Your daily home life will revolve around it and, ultimately, it will become the heart of your home. And a place for memories to be made.


Your dining table is without doubt the most important piece of furniture in your home. So whether it’s a rustic kitchen table for your growing family or a reclaimed wood refectory table for entertaining large gatherings, choosing the right one for you is important. Dining tables are an investment. An investment that will most likely stay with you for many years to come.


So what makes a good dining table? And more importantly, the right dining table for you?


Whether you choose a rustic kitchen table for relaxed family eating, or a large table for more formal dining, it’s important to invest in pieces that are solid, well-made and will stand the test of time. Choose a piece that has timeless style rather than giving into trends, and you’ll find a table that you’ll love for years to come. 

Large handcrafted salvaged dining table | 225cm x 100cm

At Home Barn we love the warmth and welcoming appeal of a rustic handcrafted wooden table - easy to clean and maintain, they are perfect for the practicalities of everyday life whilst still maintaining a chic and welcoming aesthetic. Rustic wooden dining tables are hard-wearing and practical and provide longevity for your home. Shop with conscience and choose a reclaimed dining table constructed from salvaged wood and you’ll be looking after the environment too. 

Modern Rustic Oak Dining Table - Full Length View Closeup

Weathered wood tables are perfect for family life, adding warmth and texture to a room. They offer a rustic finish that is sympathetic to day-to-day wear and tear, and are ultimately very easy to repair should the need arise!

Shape is a big consideration - and large rectangular dining tables are a very popular choice. Perfect for dinner parties and entertaining, refectory tables work well in most spaces, especially dedicated dining areas, and will become the focal point of your room. Generously proportioned with a comfortable classic shape, they will give your guests elbow room and space to relax.

Large handcrafted salvaged dining table | 265cm x 100cm - Jaqueline

And what about seating? Why not match your table with a rustic wooden bench and add some inviting sheepskins to create a wonderfully welcoming space. Or pull up a few painted wooden chairs for a more classic and traditional style for those inevitable extra guests! 

A word of warning though….they may never want to leave!


How to Achieve the Perfect Summer Tablescape

As we move into those balmy summer days, it’s the perfect time to get our entertaining spaces ready for those all-important rendezvous. Whether you’re hosting for the whole family or for special guests, a beautiful table setting means summer dining is all the more pleasurable.


The Essentials


First and foremost is the dining table, if you’re hosting for a large group of people a large dining table might be worth investing in. At Home Barn we have a beautiful indoor and outdoor rustic dining tables that can be perfectly placed to create the inviting yet eye-catching statement you’re longing for.

It’s also essential to think about your tableware. From the tablecloths you choose to the crockery you adorn it with, these small and intricate pieces will bring the scheme together. Think rustic breadboards, handwoven placemats and decorative ceramic bowls, each piece will work together to create a desirable tablescape.

Choose the Theme

Before you begin decorating your summer tablescape, consider the style and colour palette you want to work with. Think about your theme and what works best with your existing interior as this will form the foundation of your table setting. We would recommend opting for two main colours, then adding splashes of colour or similar tones across your table. 

For those who are decorating with a rustic aesthetic, colours such as sage green, blush pink, cream and white work beautifully with country-style settings. Introduce these shades effortlessly with textiles, such as a tablecloth and napkins or through seasonal flowers and other table accessories for a cohesive scheme.



Add Floral Details

No summer dining area is complete without beautiful blooms. Whether you for wild flowers or purchase a bouquet from your local florist, the flowers you choose will set the tone. For an alternative look, faux or dried flowers and foliage are an ideal choice and will work well when placed in an urn or in a series of small vases across the table. We have a beautiful choice of faux floral blooms, from poppy stems to pretty succulents.


Floral Details


Time for the Finishing Touches

The smaller details can instantly transform a table, so as to personalise the experience for friends and family. Add handmade name cards, candles and decorative ornaments such as napkin rings to take your table setting to the next level. Elegant candle holders are crucial to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere, simply select a few glass jars and place pillar candles inside. Add some vase fillers around the candle, such as sand, pebbles or stones for a truly rustic look and feel.


Finishing touches

We hope this blog has inspired you to think about how you are going to decorate for entertaining this summer. Remember, it’s all in the details! 








Trend Alert: Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury has now swept the world of interiors, it’s a style that depicts understated rustic luxury through a calm, pared-back palette and lasting pieces. 

Investing in homewares made from high-quality materials is made easy through our range of pre-loved products. From antique furniture to rustic accessories, here at Home Barn we can bring you one step closer to achieving the desired quiet luxury style.

Introducing Quiet Luxury

To start, stick to a neutral palette of gentle hues and build upon it without overpowering the space. Opt for sage greens, creams and natural shades, from this you can refine your interior with statement pieces to create a serene setting perfect for relaxing in. From reclaimed dining tables to rustic vintage stools, these timeless designs will last for years to come and are both necessary for your peace of mind and home style.

In the kitchen, consider opting for a rustic wooden table and pair it with an array of antique chairs to create an authentic feel. You can enhance the look with a statement vase and complementary tableware for a coordinated finish.

If you're updating your lounge, a vintage coffee table and sumptuously soft seating are certain to complete this aesthetic. Both soothing and stylish, pair them with a variety of characterful accents and linens to create a calming and rustic atmosphere.

Our range of antique décor will transform a space to embrace the tranquil sentiments of the quiet luxury trend. A Kilim rug introduces a depth of texture into the space whilst maintaining a sense of rustic minimalism. Pair with a variety of plump pillows and soft furnishings for a scheme that delivers on comfort as well as style.

Organic pieces are also an important feature for achieving that quiet luxury flair, from foliage to ceramic vases, these accents bring a sense of natural luxury to the room.

A rustic interior is the perfect space for embracing quiet luxury as they hold many of the same soothing and thoughtful aspects. We hope this blog has encouraged you to transform your interior and fill your home with the essence of this popular style.

Large handcrafted salvaged dining table | 225cm x 100cm - A beautiful and rustic weathered reclaimed table

How to Achieve a Sustainable and Rustic Interior


It’s now more important than ever to think about making ethical choices when it comes to our home décor. Reusing and repurposing furniture means less waste and energy is produced, resulting in a more eco-conscious and sustainable interior.

Opting for vintage pieces and sustainable furniture can also be the perfect way of achieving that desirable rustic country aesthetic. And here at Home Barn we have always celebrated pre-loved homewares, making us an ideal destination if you’re looking for something special as well as eco-friendly.

Reclaimed Timber Pieces

Salvaged timbers often bring an unmatched rustic charm into the home, particularly with larger items of furniture. We often work with reclaimed timbers to create one-off pieces with a weathered rustic look. Not only do they sit harmoniously into any abode but they also age beautifully over the years. Meaning you never have to be precious about those inevitable spills and knocks which come naturally with time.

From characterful rustic benches, to shelving and large dining tables, there are a number of reclaimed furniture options from our range that will fit exquisitely into any interior design scheme. 

Recycled Glass

Both useful and beautiful, glass boosts light and acts as the perfect addition to any room or tablescape. Designs such as our delicate recycled glass bud vases are inspiring and highly decorative – they make particularly amazing vases for displaying wildflowers or even just a single stem. If you’re seeking something a little more unique, the ribbed recycled glass vases from our antique glassware collection are truly eye-catching and sit distinctively as a centrepiece on a dining table.

Tactile Natural Textures

The textures you incorporate at home should not only add comfort but should also be of benefit environmentally too. Whether draped over the bed or across the sofa, our eclectic textile range of cushions and vintage kilim are made from completely natural textures and materials, which are soft to the touch.

Sourced from all over the world, each piece brings a unique look to all different areas of the home. From tactile linens to soft cotton materials, each piece makes the perfect addition that can be used all year round. 

Environmentally Friendly Finishing Touches

The most memorable interiors are all about displaying individuality. Placed on their own or arranged in a curated group, repurposed homewares or vintage accents will set a comforting tone. We offer everything from woven seagrass coasters perfect for summer tablescapes to antique african bamboo art originally created from the villages of Zaire, each piece adding interest and dimension to all different design schemes. 

Natural Finishing Touches

We hope this blog has inspired you to think about the materials and homewares you introduce into your home. It’s time to breathe new life into the old and create a look that is both stylish and sustainable. 

How to Mix Old and New in the Home

Here at Home Barn, we thrive on all things antique, rustic and reclaimed. Over recent years, the trend of mixing old and new in the home has become increasingly popular as homeowners experiment with products in varying styles from different eras. It’s all about blending modern trends with inherited pieces and items of sentimental value - from larger pieces of furniture to smaller accents such as vases and ceramics. 

We have come up with some tips and tricks for how to combine rustic living with a modern twist. So keep reading to find out how to successfully mix old and new in your home.

The Right Balance

When merging these two interior styles, it’s important to not let one look overwhelm the other. Instead they should exist in harmony to create a space that is all about balance. Through these aesthetic combinations that mix a sense of warmth with minimalist attributes, a beautifully unified result can be created.

Larger pieces of furniture can be a great way to incorporate this unification of old and new into the home. Consider using reclaimed seating and pair it with brighter colours to support a maximalist style, or opt for an antique rug in neutral tones for a more minimalist modern aesthetic.

For the dining room and kitchen, opting for a rustic table with contemporary style chairs, or a modern table paired with antique chairs, can create this balance without overpowering the room. To coordinate them seamlessly, why not place a rug underneath the table and create a serene tablescape with antique accessories? This will be certain to impress guests and family members coming to visit.

Although larger pieces of antique furniture will make a statement, it’s important to make sure they don’t overwhelm the space. Take a note of where you place each item and what you pair it with too.

All The Small Things

Through accents, a harmonious interior can be created to meet the current trends - carrying it beautifully through the years. Rustic home accessories, such as vases, candle holders and antique glass decorations can also be paired with a more modern neutral colour palette of grey, white, and light brown. These additions can result in a thoughtfully sought-after scheme.

Adorning rustic antiques with flowers and foliage accentuates their presence; adding a colourful, organic appeal to a modern rustic home. 

We hope this blog has inspired you to take the plunge and combine these two styles together. Helping you create a space that is filled with modern antiques and an unmatched addition of character.

How to Create the Perfect Rustic Getaway at Home

As we step into the warmer months, many of us will be looking to book the perfect location for a summer, rustic getaway. For those of you that enjoy entertaining and relaxing from the comfort of your home, a few subtle updates might be all that is needed to achieve that welcoming abode that you and your guests will never want to leave. 

Here at Home Barn, we offer a beautiful selection of rustic home accessories and antiques that will refresh interiors with an inviting look and feel, meaning you can sit back and relax in style this summer. 

Statement Pieces 

A rustic living scheme provides the perfect base for rest and relaxation; creating an atmosphere that is perfect for a staycation. Weathered pieces of furniture in particular can introduce a heart-warming sentiment into the space, resulting in a homely interior that is perfect for unwinding in. 

Rustic reclaimed furniture, such as seating and characterful armchairs, are just a few pieces that you can use to create the ideal relaxing feel. They will immediately create a bucolic appeal whilst providing the perfect spot for that early morning coffee.

An essential for entertaining and displaying your favourite possessions, a wooden coffee table or side table will breathe a new lease of life into your home. The scent of natural wood will transport you to a place of calm, delivering on wellness as well as style and functionality. Adorn it with an antique vase filled with your favourite foliage alongside additional pieces sourced from the local area for a characterful feel.  

Restorative Retreat

When thinking of a retreat we immediately relate it to warm, sunny weather – and letting that light flow into our homes is a great way to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a room. Adding a mirror will instantly make a room feel bigger, and can be decorated with an urn and foliage for extra character.  

Exuberant and eye-catching tablescapes are also perfect for setting the scene. An easy way to create an impressive tablescape for those balmy afternoons is by introducing antique and textured accessories; such as vintage glassware and shapely vases filled with fresh flowers. It’s important to think about how you use and place your decorations at home, as they will set the tone and create a great talking point with guests.

We hope this blog has inspired you to spend some time at home this summer and create a rustic interior space that is as tranquil as it is stylish.

Outdoor Entertaining: How to get Your Home Ready

With summer just around the corner, it’s an ideal time to get our gardens ready for outdoor entertaining. Although we may all still be worn out from festive socialising and refilling of champagne flutes, sometimes a refresh is needed to get us going again.  

Here at Home Barn we have everything needed to make the outside space look as good as the inside. So keep reading for all our garden entertaining styling advice.  

Sit Back and Relax 

The essential first step to a garden refresh is the furniture. Choosing reclaimed rustic outdoor furniture for your guests to sit upon while you exchange stories and sip at a refreshing drink can pose a tenuous task for such a relaxing result. 

Whether it be seats to lounge on or a table to indulge at, antique furniture is a necessity in the garden and allows you to socialise and enjoy your time with others. No more worrying about stains on the new carpet as entertaining will be become less stressful when the outside space is the go-to. 

Coffee tables are usually placed in living rooms as a place for mugs, books, and feet to rest upon after a long day. A spot they’re not usually seen is in the garden. However, when constructing an outdoor living space, it is a must. Especially for those early morning coffee catch ups with friends or family. 

Décor to Impress  

Add some antique garden accessories to surround the main entertaining space. A selection of vintage décor will ensure that not an inch of the garden is left unattended and unforgotten.

Placing an antique mirror in the garden will also provide the illusion of light and space.  Providing a significant way to add architectural interest into the garden while maintaining a harmonious feel that will impress guests. 

A classic and timeless addition to any garden is ceramic pots – the vases of the outdoors. The pots can be used as an alternative to planters for those with green fingers. Or for those without, they can be filled with faux flowers and foliage

Additionally, adding some decorative cushions and throws can be a great way to draw the garden together. A stylish and practical addition for when those summer nights of outdoor entertaining begin to have a bit of a chill to them.  

After the cold winter months your garden will soon take the limelight once again. 

Wabi-Sabi Style Decorating

Wabi-Sabi Style Decorating

The art of Wabi-sabi style can seem elusive and mysterious, with no direct translation into English. It is often described in decorating as an aesthetic, however, Wabi-sabi is originally an ancient Japanese philosophy which encourages us to embrace imperfections and see beauty in age. When this is applied to decorating, it's about looking for unique pieces and older, characterful materials to cherish for their individuality. 

Embracing Nature  

To decorate with a Wabi-sabi style, embrace nature, by introducing an array of natural materials and organic forms. Pieces made from rustic wood such as weathered coffee tables, add characterful detail, and individuality to living spaces. When sourcing wooden pieces, look for ancient timber for a truly unique finish. To subtly introduce this material, style a small rustic stool or bench in the home, this will gently add charm, and strengthen the homes connection to the natural world. 

Introduce Antiques

Favouring history over modernity, Wabi-sabi encourages us to seek authenticity, by admiring the beauty of imperfections in objects. Marks, scuffs and wear are signs of life and history which make objects more interesting and unique. Choosing to include decorative antiques in the scheme, creates a relaxed ambience within the home. Opt for accessories such as antique ceramics or larger furniture pieces like cabinets and cupboards to lend a characterful aesthetic to the home. 

Large Antique African Urn | Sesen

Look for Craftsmanship 

Handmade objects also show skill, effort and time. Particularly in items with visible hand craftsmanship such as stitchwork, woven rugs and pottery. The Wabi-sabi aesthetic admires asymmetry, undulated surfaces and rustic finishes, so, choosing craft pieces with imperfections will only add to their decorative appeal. Go for handmade pieces with organic colours, and subtle marks to further enhance the look. 

Designing the home with a Wabi-sabi approach, helps us to slow down and be mindful of our environment. We hope we have given you some inspiration to help you with this much-loved design approach.  

Rustic Christmas Decorating


Rustic Christmas Decorating

Though we may be bracing ourselves for the cold weather, we are very much look forward to all the warm, home comforts of the festive season. Nothing beats cosying up in front of a crackling fire, with an old book whilst the wind taps on your window – or if you’re very lucky, snowfall! We’ve pulled together a few ideas to help prepare the home for a rustic Christmas, so you can get back to that book! 

Adorn the Table

Whether you're entertaining for the whole family, or having a quiet Christmas dinner, preparing a beautiful tablescape will help make the occasion feel extra special. If you are hosting at home this year, invest in a beautiful rustic dining table. Opting for a reclaimed wooden table means they are also pretty textured and tough, so you don’t have to be too precious if anything gets spilt. Instead relax, and really enjoy entertaining. Lay the table with lovely soft cotton napkins, and beautiful tableware and vintage gifts. Choosing something vintage, one-off or handmade will give a characterful Christmas table scape with an authentic rustic look.  

All the Trimmings

To really enhance the Christmas ambience in the home, you have to go for a generous helping of ornaments and Christmas decorations. For the rustic home, we favour characterful Christmas décor in natural tones, metals and glass, to give a festive twinkle with a sophisticated edge. Gold is a particular favourite, used to celebrate and reflect on the year with an abundance of glamour and sparkle.  

A charming way to display ornaments, is by bringing the outdoors in by collecting lovely sprigs and branches, then hang a pretty assortment of decorations on them. Perhaps once the branches are decorated, you could introduce some lush green foliage for a truly authentic rustic Christmas feel. For the biophilic look all year round, you can even not decorate with faux flowers and foliage.  

 Festive Touches 

In the wintertime, and especially over Christmas, layering the home with textiles and fabrics is the perfect way to create a sense of warmth and comfort. Throw down some beautiful woven rugs, kilim options for example, will add a touch of eclectic pattern to bring joy to the home over the winter period. Then for extra cosiness, pop in some soft cushions and throws. Baskets are a wonderful way to add texture to the home, and serve as sweet way to store extra blankets for guests or even firewood.   

With so many lovely ways to style the home at Christmas, we hope you can spare a moment to enjoy the process, and possibly even make a new decorating tradition! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, from Home Barn. 

Rustic Autumnal Interior Updates

Rustic Autumnal Interior Updates 

Autumn, the season of golden leaves, and long walks in the crisp country air. Whether you’re squirrelling away, keeping cosy, or hosting dinners for friends and family, read on for our ideas on making the home warm, rustic and comfortable in time for the change in seasons. 

Curate Comfort with Accessories

Introduce a sense a comfort to rooms with beautiful textiles. Cushions and throws will bring a sense of warmth to interiors whilst pulling in eclectic pattern and rich autumnal hues. Opt for tones of soft red and burnt orange for a truly sought-after aesthetic. 

 Smaller textile accessories allow you to switch up the look of your home seasonally. Vintage ceramics in particular are a wonderful way to add rustic texture to the space. Style them with a few beautiful ceramic pieces in the form of vases, bowls or sculptures to incorporate a rustic finish to your autumnal interior. 

Stylish Storage

Though autumn is considered a season for hibernation, it can also be a time for rejuvenation. It’s the perfect time to reflect and consider the items which no longer serve you, and make space for new pieces in your life before the winter festivities. If you decide to have an autumnal clear out, it could be time to treat yourself to some chic rustic storage 

Make sure you have room for all your favourite cookware in the kitchen as well as those extra special items. You can even choose storage which offers a display feature, like a French dresser or cupboards with open shelves. 

Dine in

For the ultimate autumn dinner party don’t forget to invest in a beautiful dining table. Our range of reclaimed wooden dining tables offer a beautiful rustic appearance with unique aged detail. When dressed with an autumn tablescape, they will instantly give the kitchen an abundance of charm. Allowing you to enjoy entertaining.  

Whether you’re cooking for the family or having people over, a Home Barn table will look after you for years to come. Complement it with a beautiful wooden bench - most of our tables have the option of a coordinating bench to go alongside it. Ideal for refectory style dining. 

We hope this blog has given you all the inspiration you need to refresh your home in time for autumn, let us know how you get on.