antique French confit pot yellow – Alexandra


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antique French confit pot yellow – Alexandra

These wonderfully decorative jars or clay pots originate in France.

They date from the early 1800’s right through to the late 1800s.  Used to store Confit Du Canard they would have originally had a lid or stopper which is not present in the current time.

These highly collectible jars characteristically have the classic yellow coloured pottery and glaze.

The jars came from several regions in France.

The pots are typically cracked and repaired with very damaged glaze this is completely normal.  Occasionally they may have just one handle or no handles at all. Hollie has both handles in good condition.

Due to their robust nature, they have survived the passage of time in kitchens, gardens, and barns all over France.  They are often found as abandoned garden decorations regionally.

Perfect empty as a sculptural item or as pictures with dried lavender, cow parsley, or poppies.  The vessel is not waterproof and if using for fresh flowers you would need to insert a waterproof liner

Please expect, cracks to glaze, repaired cracks, chips, damage to glaze, damage to the body of pot tin the lip, missing handle(s) base, and glaze.  Their beauty in their imperfect nature.

Dimensions of antique French confit pot yellow – Alexandra

Height 35cm

Width 25 cm

Opening of pot 18 cm

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