Antique Puglian passata bowl Extra Large | Beradetta


Antique Puglian passata bowl Extra Large | Beradetta

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Antique Puglian passata bowl Extra Large | Beradetta

With a glorious irregular glaze this 150 year old  bowl is was used in Puglia, Italy to prepare home made tomato sauce.  The bowl was filled with fresh tomatoes (skins removed) then the bowl was placed in the sun for several days to ‘sun dry’.  The mixture was stirred every day and the passata was only ready when 50% of the tomato juice had evaporated.  Perfect for fruit or a stand alone decorative item.  The glaze is worn in places from being used daily. Each bowl is unique in glaze, size and makers marks within the pottery.

Rustic terracotta bowls. Unglazed on the external face. Each pot has a unique and fascinating green glaze within.

These are hand thrown antique bowls that were once used in the kitchen are never 100% perfect so please expect worn and used condition with small (not structural) cracks and bruises that to be expected from an item of its age and previous culinary use. These were never created as fine pottery pieces they were handcrafted in local village potteries to store precious food supplies and were often used for generations to store and give longevity to the perishable contents.

Antique Puglian passata bowl Extra Large | Beradetta

Height 32cm

Diameter 54cm


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