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These fabulous antique Mediterranean urns look stunning in a hallway or corner of any room in your home.  Perfect in a garden room or conservatory to add a touch of antique charm.

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Antique Mediterranean Urn | Artemis

These wonderful urns can be used in or outside the home. The texture of the urn is simply beautiful, style in a corner of a room with a beautiful faux olive branch within. Antique Mediterranean Urn | Artemis has a wonderful depth of colour, from terracotta to vivid blue it’s so beautiful.

Antique urns were originally used for storing olive oil and are now the perfect antique home or garden accessory. They look beautiful and very sculptural completely empty inside the home but can be used outdoors planted with olive trees or trailing plants.

In the wintertime, if you leave them outdoors, simply turn them upside down so that they cannot fill with water which will freeze (if you make a drainage hole to the bottom there is no need to do this).

If you establish a plant inside these pots simply use a plastic pot within which will allow for expansion and contraction of frozen soil and water.  If you do fill the pot with the soil we would recommend that you do not allow the pot and contents to freeze over winter.

Each pot is around 70-100 years old so please expect vintage imperfect condition.  Some pots have traces of white residue where they have been previously painted.  Pots are often repaired and have some filler. There are often traces of olive oil inside the pots. Due to their age, the surface of these urns can be textured, pitted and flaky with loose paintwork/whitewash.

Please add an urn stand to your order if you require one.  You can add some weight to the bottom of the pot such as gravel then the pot will be largely stable as it will be weighted at the bottom if you do not want a stand.


Height: 74cm

Diameter:  58cm

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