Hand carved Painted Bird | Bee Eater


Hand carved Painted Bird | Bee Eater

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Hand carved Painted Bird | Bee Eater

Hand crafted in rural villages in Northern Africa these beautiful birds are made by whittling fallen jacaranda tree branch with a penknife.  The traditional skill is passed on from generation to generation.

Each one is totally unique in shape and expression.  Hand painted and varnished, each one comes with the name of the person who made handwritten on a lovely tag.  This way each bird carries with it the story of it’s maker.

These birds are hand made following the principles of Fair Trade.  The locals who make these are paid a wage which allows them to properly support their families.

These are too good for using just at Christmas, we have had our hung on a branch in a vase since September! Fabulous for Easter decoration too.

Dimensions of Hand carved Painted Bird | Bee Eater

Each Bird is 7 to 9 cm long.

These birds make the most beautiful gift, everyone who receives one just adores the story behind them.


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