Antique Wooden Paddy Field Trug


Antique Wooden Paddy Field Trug

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Antique Wooden Paddy Field Trug

Each one of our antique trugs is unique, some have cast iron brackets, some have dove-tail joints to the corners.  Used in the paddy fields to carry seedlings for planting, the individual seedlings would be taken from the (floating) basket and plunged into the soil.

Every one is very individual and totally unique as they were hand made by the farmers in their own unique way.  Timber may be dark or light and they are made from mixed woods.

The condition is very much used and signs of wear and tear and use are evident on all of our stock, there are likely to be home-spun repairs to the trugs, small holes and cracks.  The picture represents the shape nicely.  When ordering, rest assured we have selected the best of the best for you.  They are strong and practical, yet decorative and historically interesting.

The perfect place to store magazine, hand towels or kindling.

Height 24 cm 26 cm

Width 38 cm to 42 cm

Depth 38 cm to 42 cm

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