Teak branch outdoor sofa


Teak branch outdoor sofa

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Teak branch outdoor armchair

Teak branch outdoor armchair


Teak branch outdoor sofa

Home Barn’s teak branch outdoor sofa comes complete with a set of white cushions, perfect for relaxing, snoozing or entertaining outdoors.  Sit back and relax in style and comfort outdoors in one of our beautiful two seater sofas. They will enhance each precious day spent in your garden.

Our rustic wooden framed garden sofa is made from beautifully sanded, teak branch wood perfect for outdoor living.  The teak is a lovely natural material and the branches are smooth to the touch.  This sofa seats two or just one for a lay down snooze in the sun.

The beautiful pale branches of this chair give this chair a wonderful coastal aesthetic.  The branches used to make this chair give it a lovely organic look.

It is suitable for outdoors or indoors and would look wonderful in both environments.

We think that this chair would look lovely indoors in a room overlooking a fabulous woodland view or seascape.


Caring for your outdoor furniture

When used outdoors the timber may darken a little over time like all wood, it naturally weathers into a silvered ash colour which darkens a bit each year.  Our wooden framed woven garden chair is best stored in a garage or garden shed over winter but can be left outdoors for the summer months.    The teak does not need oiling to preserve it.

Clean the teak simply with a soft brush and mild soapy water followed by a good rinse of cold water. We recommend removing anything which could stain your furniture immediately.  Never use a pressure washer or hard abrasive brush or scourer to clean your furniture.  Putting any wooden furniture under tight plastic covers can cause problems as a damp warm microclimate can develop under the covers which may cause damage to the timbers.  It’s best left outdoors over summer but bought indoors at the end of the season before it gets too wet and begins to freeze.

The cushions which come with this chair are water resistant, but not waterproof and we suggest storing them in a dry place when it’s raining.  If they do get a little damp them bring them indoors to dry and air completely before storing. The inner foam is regular foam – and not quick-drying material – so if you use it outside it may soak up water. Small spills can be simply removed by gently rubbing with a damp cloth.  Stains may occur if the cushions come into contact with wet wood.

This furniture is made from both teak branch and teak root. Teak is a tropical hardwood and is excellent for use outdoors as it has a great naturally occurring protective oil within it. Teak branches are collected branches from the trees. These branches are either found on the forest floor or left over from other furniture making. Teak root comes from the trunk of the tree and is obtained from fallen teak trees. It is good to note that the teak trees are not felled for manufacturing this furniture.

Dimensions of Teak branch outdoor sofa

Height 74 cm

Width 140cm

Depth 80cm


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