Antique Rustic Milking Stool


Antique Rustic Milking Stool

A fairly low stool, ideal to rest a cup of tea beside the sofa or bath

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Antique Rustic Milking Stool

Each of these little benches is perfect as a low seat or plant pot stand, or place to rest a glass of water the options are limitless.

Rustic, aged, and imperfect they are a little lower than our standard selected measured stools.  Every one of these little stools in antique, and there are never two which are the same in colour size or patina.  The joy of our milking stools is that you will never find an exact pair and that your stool will be unique to you.

Dimensions of our current stock of Antique Rustic Milking Stools can be found below:

Kendrik- Height 48cm, Width 41cm, Depth of seat 22cm, Width at foot 33cm

Kent – Height 50cm, Width 35cm, Depth of seat 16cm, Width at foot 36cm

Marina– Height 49cm, Width 28cm, Depth 15.5cm at top, Depth c32m at feet – £125

Marisa– Height 47cm, Width 38cm, Depth 19cm at top, Depth 37cm at feet – £125

These specific stools are not available in-store, but we have an equally lovely and huge selection in store for you to choose from in person.  You may click and collect one of these stools and we will bring it to the store ready for you to collect within 48 hours of your online order.

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Our Antique Rustic Milking Stools are up to 100 years old and bear signs of the passage of time.  Please expect dents, chips, repairs, burns, historically treated woodworm holes, irregular timbers, paint splashes, and a generally worn, weathered, and imperfect look.  Each Antique Rustic Milking Stools is perfectly imperfect.

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Kendrik, Marina, Marisa

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