Rustic Antique Wooden Stool


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Rustic Antique Wooden Stool

An antique wooden stool made with traditional construction method.  Usually made from either oak, elm or a mixture of both, sometimes they may have aged pine bars underneath.

Each one is unique and sizes vary.  This listing is for a ‘pot luck’ stool, but they are all beautiful, hand crafted and unique.

If you wish to select an individual stool with specified dimensions and individually photographed, please click here.  They are the same stools but £5 each more as they have been individually photographed, measured and listed which takes us a little extra time.

Some stools have a little paint on them and some are completely wooden as pictured.  Expect abundant knocks, dents, cracks, imperfections, filler, very rustic condition… if you want perfection then we would suggest that this is not the stool for you.

These stools are completely handmade and have a very rustic feel to them, they are not in any way perfect.

Rustic Antique Wooden Stool

Approximate Height 48cm, Width 31cm, Depth 29cm at feet, Depth 17cm at top – sizes are extremely variable as each stool is a complete one off.



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