Rustic Wood Antique Stool | Selected Measured


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Choose from one of our beautiful Rustic Wood Antique Stool | Selected Measured are made with traditional construction method.  Usually made from elm, occasionally oak, pine or cedar or a mixture of timbers.

Each one is unique and sizes vary but we have hand-selected a premium selection which is only available on-line.

Some stools have a little paint on them and some are completely wooden as pictured.  Expect abundant knocks, dents, cracks, imperfections, filler, very rustic condition… if you want perfection then we would suggest that this is not the stool for you.

Each of these stools is antique and was completely handmade and has a very rustic feel to them, they are not in any way perfect.

Choose from the hand-selected, measured, and individually photographed stools featured in the individual images

Dimensions of Rustic Wood Antique Stool | Selected Measured

Izzie – Height 54cm, Width 42cm, Depth 20cm at top, Depth 30cm at feet – £125

Branwen – Height 53cm, Width 48cm, Depth 19cm at top, Depth 34cm at feet – £125

Mave – Height 54cm, Width 38cm, Depth 17cm at top, Depth 35cm at feet – £125

Paolo– Height 51cm, Width 35cm, Depth 21cm at top, Depth 35cm at feet – £125

Pascal– Height 52cm, Width 36cm, Depth 19cm at top, Depth 28cm at feet – £125

Patricia– Height 52cm, Width 39cm, Depth 21cm at top, Depth 33cm at feet – £125

Shipping Details

Shipping in a very large box – £20

Store Availability

These specific stools are not available in-store, but we have an equally lovely and huge selection in store for you to choose from in person.  You may click and collect one of these stools and we will bring it to the store ready for you to collect within 24 hours or your online order.

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