Antique framed botanical specimen herbarium dated 1963

Home Barn’s Antique framed botanical specimen herbarium.  Other sizes of framed botanical available. Scroll down for further information, dimensions an full description.


Antique framed botanical specimen herbarium dated 1963

Our Antique framed botanical specimen herbarium dated 1963 are pressed plant specimens from 1963 and have been more recently framed in vintage frames with glass to the front and back.  Original hand penned herbarium labels are present on all examples.

Each Antique framed botanical specimen herbarium features beautifully time speckled and aged paper.  Each vintage frame is unique and beautifully imperfect. Refer to pictures for condition.

Each of our Antique framed botanical specimen herbarium can be found here in our artworks section.

If you would prefer one of these framed botanical specimen herbarium, please make a note when you check our for left or right frame and we will post this if its available.

Dimensions of Antique framed botanical specimen herbarium dated 1963 :

Height: 50cm

Width: 43cm

History of the herbarium:

A herbarium is a collection of preserved plants stored, catalogued, and arranged systematically for study by professionals and amateurs from many walks of life.

Commensurate with the need of wildlife conservation, it is often desirable to include in a herbarium sheet as much of the plant as possible (flowers, stems, leaves, seed, and fruit), or at least representative parts of them in the case of large specimens. To preserve their form and colour, plants collected in the field are carefully arranged and spread flat between thin sheets, known as ‘flimsies’, (equivalent to sheets of newsprint) and dried, usually in a plant press between blotters or absorbent paper.During the drying process the specimens are retained within their flimsies at all times to minimise damage, and only the thicker, absorbent drying sheets are replaced.

The specimens are then mounted on sheets of stiff white paper, are labelled with all information such as date and place found, description of the plant, altitude, and special habitat conditions. The sheet is then placed in a protective case. As a precaution against insect attack, the pressed plant is frozen or poisoned, and the case disinfected.

Each herbarium is always unique, some plants are are rare, some common but they are always beautiful.

Antique framed botanical specimen herbarium dated 1963

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