Antique Medium Hand Woven Basket | Rhoda


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Antique Medium Hand Woven Basket | Rhoda

This basket is a work of art from top to bottom. Over 150 years old this beautiful antique item is entirely hand made from leather, clay and hand woven split and steam bent bamboo.  An artisan craftsman would have made every element of this piece entirely by hand.

This is a smaller version of similar baskets listed here. 

Please expect imperfections aplenty, this item would not be what it is if it were to be ‘restored’

Its beauty is in it’s original rustic patina and condition.  A very sculptural piece which would sit beautifully on a floor or on top of a square plinth and displayed as an antique object of curiosity.

This item would have had a practical use in the mid 1800’s and it is believed to have been used to store preserved produce.

Antique Medium Hand Woven Basket | Rhoda

45cm height

61cm wide

26cm deep

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