Antique Rug | Bedouin Tent Carpet

Antique Rug | Bedouin Tent Carpet

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Antique Rug | Bedouin Tent Carpet (Rug Name Mehedi)

Our beautiful 100-year-old antique rug originates from Bedouin tents and was used interchangeably as a room divider, rug or as a source of shade.

The fabric is very textured, being made from a mixture of cotton and wool.  The fabric would have been hand woven at the loom.  Natural dyes and natural materials only are used to make these amazing antique pieces.  Each rug is different on each side, two pieces of unique handwoven fabric are sewn over a warm thick woolen filling.  Every rug is totally unique hand stitched in every aspect.  The stay stitches are visible on both sides of the fabric.

These beautiful antiques would look beautiful on the wall as a wall hanging or on the floor as a rug or as a throw.

Each 100-year-old antique Bedouin tent carpet has been carefully restored and professionally cleaned and is ready to use.

About Bedouin Tents

Nomadic Bedouin tribes traditionally lived in tents for part of each year.  Carpets and rugs were made from materials found to hand such as goat and sheeps wool.  These rugs are are usually square or rectangular but can be round. Used as room dividers, shading or canopies.

Nomadic Bedouin use the tents as a source of shade, a place to sleep and a place to store their things. Rugs are traditionally warm and thick, padded with a wool interior as temperatures plummet at night time and the warmth is very much needed.  These beautifully handcrafted rugs are often used in the area reserved for the chief and his guests or part of the tent which was used or women children and storage. Ornate draperies, hand-woven from dyed wool and goat’s hair, were often used to partition the harem.

Dimensions of Antique Rug | Bedouin Tent Carpet

122cm x 121 cm

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