group of porcupine quills


group of porcupine quills

A lovely collection of 20 porcupine quills.  Pop them in a wooden bowl or vase and enjoy their organic beauty.  Each one is a different length.  They make a fabulous decorative item.

Happily, for porcupines, their quills do indeed grow back after falling off. Shedding is a natural process of porcupine quills, just as it is with standard hair. Successor quills often start emerging in the span of a mere few days after the earlier ones come out. New quills grow pretty rapidly. Until the quills are back to their full length, they usually grow approximately 1 millimeter for each couple of days. New and old quills constantly mingle on porcupines’ bodies, which is why their lengths are rarely exactly the same.

Dimensions of a group of porcupine quills (you will receive 20 quills when you check out with a quantity of one at the checkout)

Each quill is 10-20 cm long and a bundle of 20 will include mixed lengths from this range.

The quills are very sharp and should not be left within reach of children.  Please handle the group of porcupine quills with care.

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