Hand woven Kilim rug | Emine

Hand woven Kilim rug | Emine dimensions: 206 cm Long x 154 cm Wide.


Hand woven Kilim rug | Emine

These gorgeous hand woven kilim rugs have been carefully selected by us.  They show the natural, faded colours and eye-catching designs within the weave.

The choices we make are based on overall size, pattern and colour within the weave. We choose only the rugs we would love to have in our own homes.  In selecting these rugs we often have to look through hundreds of rugs, and this is really hard as they are all beautiful.

Because each of our Kilims is woven by hand, they are all totally unique, there are never two made which are exactly the same in colour or dimensions.  The weaver creates their own design at the loom.  This often depends on what is available to them on that day, and this is what makes them all so unique.

Each piece of wool is hand-dyed using organic naturally occurring dyes found in nature. Kilims are made by interweaving the variously coloured wefts and warps, creating what is known as a flatweave.

Kilims are mostly associated with geometrical designs however, there are kilims with floral motifs as well. All of our kilims have strong but subtle geometric weaves.

Dimensions of Hand woven Kilim rug | Emine 206 cm Long x 154 cm Wide

We have a great selection of hand made Kilims available to buy in store.

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