Paper Mache Sculptural Pot | Grace


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Paper Mache Sculptural Pot | Grace

A profound love of paper and prints and the reuse of materials has inspired Marie Michielssen to create a series of characteristic lamps and pots in papier-mâché. Playing with volumes, she creates a new visual print. The unique, traditional character is not only reflected in the print, but also in the shape and colours.

No two pots in the papier-mâché collection is the same. The clearly visible rough structure of the material, manually stippled paint marks reinforce the individuality of each pot with all its imperfections, just as nature does in its creations.

A truly organic piece made from recycled materials, they stand alone as a sculptural object with an almost human form.  If you wish, from time to time, to add a few flowers, simply line the pot with a waterproof liner.  The items are much heavier than you would expect and are very strong and rigid as a laters of paint and resin add weight to the paper mâché form.

21 cm tall

18 cm diameter

19 cm wide including ‘handles’

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