Rare Breed Sheepskin Throw or Rug Small


Rare Breed Sheepskin Throw or Rug Small (Black Brown)

Maximum length 80cm, size may vary slightly

Maximum width 60cm, size may vary slightly

These rugs are just perfect for throwing over an armchair, dining chair or stool to add a sense of cozy winter comfort.  We love the smell, touch and feel of natural sheepskins and we hope you do too, you can be sure that every rug has been prepared and finished with great care and is completely unique.

We are all sitting on these in our (rather cold) office at the moment….. they really keep you warm and offer cushioning whilst you sit and work.   At home we like to drape them over the seats of our sofas for snuggling into and watching a film.  They are just to good to put on the floor, but are guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to any location in your home.  The sense of wellbeing from touching, stroking and sitting on top of one of these luxurious sheepskins has to be experienced to be believed.

Sheepskins are 100 percent natural.  There are variations between each skin and no two will ever be the same.    These rugs are not dyed or bleached the colour is totally natural.  The rugs are trimmed individually by hand, the shape will vary depending on the shape of the individual sheep.  Some may be longer and thin than others, some may not be symmetrical.

You can care for your sheepskin in the following way.  Beat and shake to remove dust.  Brush your rug with a strong wire brush such as those used for cats and dogs.  This will remove dust and make your rug fluffy again if it has gone a bit flat.  Vacuum once shaken and brushed.

All our sheepskins are made from one skin, not sewn from several small pieces.


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