Antique rustic wood footstool


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Antique rustic wood footstool | selected measured

Utterly charming Antique rustic wood footstool available in a weathered natural timber. These sweet little stools are perfect stylist’s props giving height to interior displays and allowing you to play with levels.  We love ours with a small vase of flowers on the top.

Each one of these mini stools totally unique in size, construction and level of rustic wear.  Please expect imperfections, they are 100 years old.

These stools are individually photographed and measured for you to choose your perfect stool.

Dimensions for our Antique rustic wood footstool;

Harper: Height 19cm, Seat Width 30cm & Seat Depth 12cm

Daisy: Height 24cm, Seat Width 31cm & Seat Depth 13cm.

Delilah: Height 23cm, Seat Width 47cm & Seat Depth 12cm.

Dalia: Height 19cm, Seat Width 23cm & Seat Depth 13cm.

Dalton: Height 23cm, Seat Width 35cm & Seat Depth 12cm.

Dane: Height 24cm, Seat Width 40cm & Seat Depth 15cm.

Dania: Height 18cm, Seat Width 29cm & Seat Depth 12cm.

Dante: Height 24cm, Seat Width 28cm & Seat Depth 11cm.

Dawn: Height 20cm, Seat Width 28cm & Seat Depth 11cm.

Desy: Height 24cm, Seat Width 27cm & Seat Depth 13cm.

Detta: Height 21cm, Seat Width 26cm & Seat Depth 12cm.

Dev: Height 28cm, Seat Width 27cm & Seat Depth 16cm.

Devi: Height 27cm, Seat Width 32cm & Seat Depth 16cm.

Devon: Height 26cm, Seat Width 28cm & Seat Depth 13cm.

Devlin: Height 20cm, Seat Width 66cm & Seat Depth 12cm.

Dewey: Height 21cm, Seat Width 59cm & Seat Depth 12cm


If you’d prefer a smaller ‘pot luck’ stool for £38 please click on on the following link – ANTIQUE MINATURE ELM STOOL 

Additional pictures are not available for this product as each one is packed and ready to dispatch.  These stools are only available online and not in-store.  If you order one to click and collect from the store please allow 48 hours before you collect from Home Barn.


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