Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table Oak

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Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table | Please scroll down for full information and dimensions.

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Solid Rustic Oak Farmhouse Kitchen Dining Table

Solid Rustic Oak Farmhouse Kitchen Dining Table Extension leaf

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Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table Oak

Our Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table Oak is made from beautiful hand selected and crafted rustic solid oak planks.

Homebarn’s dining tables take centre stage in the heart of the home. The solid timbers look honest, natural, homely and rustic.

We love the concept of informal dining. Our beautiful, solid, reclaimed wood tables are the perfect place to eat, entertain, work and play. They are the perfect family table.

Each table is hand made exclusively for us, to our own designs, by our team of expert local craftsman and cabinet-makers. Relaxed in style, our tables have a unique rustic aged aesthetic with a strong design and modern styling details.

The construction of our solid rustic oak farmhouse kitchen dining table is traditional and we use only sustainable materials.  We use solid timbers, breadboard ends, and traditional joints.

Carefully hand selected timbers are perfectly imperfect in appearance with small knots and cracks commonly associated with oak. The grain, colour and texture of each table are different, making each hand made one totally unique.

Each of our modern rustic designs is based on traditional classics meaning that they are timeless and will not go out of fashion.


Our Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table is made from solid European oak.

Table Size

Choose from

5ft length x 90cm width x 75cm height | £1900

6ft length x 90cm width x 75cm height | £1950

7ft length x 100cm width x 75cm height | £2000

8ft  length x 100cm width x 75cm height | £2050

Leg colour options

Dark Gray (matched to Downpipe)

Pale Gray (matched to Pavilion Gray )

Nearly Black (matched to Railings)

White (matched to All White)

Top finish

Clear Wax

Dining Benches – Each bench is £550 (add one or two benches as required)

Benches are available to match the table design. Benches complete the casual refectory look. As so many people can squeeze onto a bench they accommodate extra guests perfectly. We recommend a bench be ordered at the same length as the table.

Extension Leaves – Each leaf is £275 (add one or two extension leaves as required)

Individually made extension leaves may be ordered at the same time as you order your table. Each leaf will give you 40cm extra length at the head of the table. Perfect for adding a couple of extra guests at a dinner party or at Christmas. Order a pair or just the one. A bracket beneath the table allows the leaf to be fitted when required. The leaf will be stored in a cupboard when not in use.

Subsidiary pictures show how the leaf looks slighly pulled from the table and how the mechanism looks fitted to the underside of the table when the leaf is removed.  These images show the leaf on a table with oak legs rather than painted legs.

Head of table measurements (leg room)

Overhang (leg room) at the head of the table

5ft (153cm) table                 18cm overhang

6ft (183cm) table                 25cm overhang

7ft (213cm) table                 25cm overhang

8ft (244cm) table                 25cm overhang

Measurements between the legs on the long side of the table

5ft (153cm) table                 97cm between legs

6ft (183cm) table                 113cm between legs

7ft (213cm) table                 143cm between legs

8ft (244cm) table                 174cm between legs

Timber and Finish

Our table tops and table legs are made from solid European Oak.  Table tops may have cracks, knots, and natural markings inherent within solid, beautiful aged oak.  We will take a decision on whether to use filler within knots and cracks or whether to leave them bare, based on what we think looks aesthetically best on each individual table top (we certainly do not fill every imperfection ).

The table legs are made from pine and it’s perfectly normal for there to be cracks within the timber upon delivery and which may develop over time.  The legs are made from pine and knots, and imperfections are evident upon the surface of the timber which will have been painted over.  Timber has natural ‘imperfections’ within it when it is felled and milled and these are visible in the painted surfaces.

Ordering and Lead Time

Our current lead-time on these tables is 8 weeks from the date of order. Excluding our workshop being closed for a few weeks over the holiday period.  If ordering from over 100 miles away from SL7 3RR please allow 2/3 extra weeks for delivery on top of the current lead time.

A 50% deposit is payable with your order and the balance is due prior to dispatch/collection, when ordered in-store, and the full amount when ordering online.

Ordering a table could not be simpler. Choose your preferred size, leg design, and leg colour, and then give us a ring.

Alternatively, drop into our Buckinghamshire showroom to see the tables in person and receive personal advice on which size and design will work best in your home.

Tables are also available to or order online within a few easy clicks, select your options as desired. When ordering online the full payment is payable at the point of order.

Care and maintenance

We use Osmo Polyx Oil to finish our oak tables.  These oils are developed from natural oils and waxes to provide the most hardwearing and durable protection for furniture.

Osmo is hard-wax oil that combines all the advantages of oils and waxes in one product ie it goes on like a traditional varnish or oil but gives the appearance and durability of a wax. It is ‘resistant’ to water, dirt, wine, coffee, etc, and is microporous, so will not crack, peel or blister. Resistance does not mean waterproof and spills will need to be cleared up immediately and water must not be left standing on the surface.

Do not put hot casseroles and serving dishes on the surface.  If you wish the table to remain unmarked then you will obviously need to use coasters and placements.  We do not recommend prolonged use of oilcloths over your table surface or coaster and placemats left in the same position on the table’s surface for prolonged periods of time.

Qualities of an oil finish

  • Nearly invisible appearance, no ‘permanent wet effect’
  • Light coloured wood stays light coloured
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Resistant to common liquid spillages such as water, juice, tea, cola, and wine.Resistance does not mean waterproof – spills must be wiped immediately
  • Do not allow vases, cups, or glasses with water underneath to sit on the table surface or you will end up with a ring mark.
  • A microporous, breathable finish that does not crack, peel, or flake
  • No sanding necessary for spot repairs or future applications
  • Application temperature: +5°C
  • Drying time:  8-10hrs

We do not anticipate that you will need to do this very often.  If you are using your table daily in a busy family home, then think about applying the oil once every 12-14 weeks. If you should have an accident or scratch then you may wish to apply more of the same finish.  Over time and with excessive scrubbing of your table top you may wish to add more oil. If your table surface appears to be becoming more porous to spills then you will need to add a future thin layer of Osmo oil.

We will supply you with a 125ml can of this oil for future applications with your table delivery. Clean surface thoroughly removing dirt, dust, and surface grime.  Allow drying before application.

Stir well, apply with brush, roller or cloth. Brush out any white pigments from the surface before leaving to dry to achieve the desired results. Apply in direction of the grain.  Remove excess immediately.  Allow 8-24 hours to dry before use.


Please contact us for a delivery quotation. We aim to get back to you with a delivery price to you within 24 hours. Please supply your full address and postcode. We operate a one-man delivery service so please be prepared to help out at the delivery location.

Solid Rustic Oak Farmhouse Kitchen Dining Table

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