Copper topped slim console table with shelf


Copper Topped Slim Console Table with shelf

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Copper Topped Slim Console Table with shelf

A wonderfully useful size this slim console table has been made by a craftsman based in the UK.  The top is wrapped in patinated copper with a naturally watermarked effect in its surface.  Traditional copper nails have been used at the joints.

Universal to all all copper worktops there will always be little surface scratches to the surface of our zinc tables as the metal is soft and this is perfectly normal and standard. The scratches oxidise over time.

Dimensions of our Copper Topped Slim Console Table with shelf:

(may vary slightly as this is a hand made item)

122/ 123 Centimetres Wide

30 / 31 Centimetres Deep

80/ 81 Centimetres High

25/26 Centimetres Deep Shelf

It is no longer possible to order this table in bespoke sizes. We now only offer the size shown here.

We also have this available in a zinc top, click here to see the details.

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