Petrified wood side table


Petrified wood side table

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Petrified wood side table

A stylish coffee table made with a beautiful organic table top.  This stunning table sit on top of gold tubular legs in a tripod configuration

Petrified wood is wood that has been turned into stone.  This type of natural material is formed from the fossilized remains of tree trunks.  The petrification process occurs underground when wood becomes buried in water-saturated sediment or volcanic ash The presence of water reduces the availability of oxygen which inhibits aerobic decomposition by bacteria and fungi. Mineral-laden water flowing through the sediments may lead to permineralization, which occurs when minerals precipitate out of solution filling the interiors of cells and other empty spaces. During replacement, the plant’s cell walls act as a template for mineralization.

Dimensions of Petrified wood side table

Each one varies slightly from the picture but is from the same petrified wood slab so colour remains the same.

Height 38cm – 48cm approximately – as this is an organic product the size varies slightly.

Diameter 50cm to 60cm approximately – as this is an organic product the size varies slightly.

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