A New Season, A New Beginning

A New Season, A New Beginning


A new year almost always signals new beginnings – but also a welcome return to the simpler pleasures and a much needed slower calmer pace of living.

With the dark days and chilly evenings of winter still upon us, but with the distant promise of the brighter warmer days of spring beginning to be realised, now is the time to enrich your home with warm hues, ambient lighting and natural materials. Snug and cosy is the key. By utilising a pared back palette of natural materials and calm colours in your home, it will set a warm and effortless tone, and with it will create a warm and cocoon-like atmosphere for you to relax and unwind.


A New Season, A New Beginning


A carefully curated collection of textiles for your own home in neutral earthy tones and natural materials will weave seamlessly and effortlessly into your interior. Juxtapose different materials, and incorporate a variety of textures and fabrics into your home. Weathered wood furniture, leather chairs and hemp rugs, together with plump velvet cushions, soft blankets and sumptuous sheepskin throws will enrich your space and breathe calm tranquility and harmony into your home. There really is nothing quite like curling up on the sofa against a pile of soft cushions, wrapped up in a cocoon of a soft blanket, with a mug of hot cocoa.


Vintage Blanket Box B

Storage solutions are key

 Invest wisely in clever storage solutions. Elevate your space with unique antique trunks and blanket boxes to store away your textiles and magazines. Not only will this give you precious storage space, it will offer you originality whilst at the same time doubling up as a stunning and unique coffee table.

Or choose to elevate your environment with an elegantly crafted cabinet or sideboard. Not only perfect for displaying your treasured objects and cherished memories, they are also the perfect storage solution for keeping clutter in check!
Discover the perfect one for your home from our unique collection of antique and reclaimed cupboards and cabinets and create space and a sense of calm.


A New Season, A New Beginning

Look to brighter days…

 It’s not all doom and gloom though – embrace the dark days and evenings! Use home accessories to bring light into your home. Reflect the outdoors inside with an antique mirror. It will bring both borrowed light and create a much yearned for illusion of space in your home. Choose objects with iridescent finishes to light up dark corners. Glass tea lights will glimmer with light and hope, and a carefully positioned mercury glass vase will reflect the light perfectly.



And while we’re waiting impatiently to venture outdoors into our gardens – why not bring a little of the outside inside? Add some seasonal foliage to vases. Fill rustic planters with colourful bulbs.


Homebarn Garden Furniture and Vintage Accessories


Or add a touch of seasonal colour to your walls with our botanical inspired prints.


Framed Pressed Botanical Artwork



However you choose the spend the end of this winter season, we hope this has inspired you to look forward to new beginnings and embrace the new year with all its coming opportunity.