The Secret To The Perfect Well-Travelled Home

The luxury of travel is never far from our thoughts. It offers us the freedom to experience faraway cultural heritages and artisan traditions, and introduces us to inspired original decor and out of the ordinary eclectic styles. 
However, no matter where we choose to travel to or how far we go, there really is no place like home. By filling your home with memories of precious holidays and travels, you will transport yourself back to these wonderful foreign lands whilst at the same time immersing your home in a feast for the senses and effortless visual intrigue.
Travel gives us the freedom and opportunity to create a unique home, full of originality and character. Nature-inspired colour palettes and earthy shades will create a sense of warmth and comfort. Tactile elements - distressed woods, textured linens, plush textiles and rustic stone - will create rustic charm through the use of raw materials. These key elements of colour, pattern and texture will introduce an original eclectic style and add uniquely inspired decor to your home.
 Beige cactus silk cushion
Whether you have that precious holiday booked or not - or lack the luxury of time to shop or even the space in your suitcase - it’s possible to create a home that evokes the spirit of travel from the comfort of your own home. By mixing global styles together you will ultimately achieve an effortless and well-travelled look for your home. 
 Large Ming Dynasty Pots styled on a console table
Blend old with new and mix together cultural influences for a carefully curated unique style. Pop an ancient Oriental pot onto an antique elm console table. Cover an antique French armchair with Moroccan cushions and relax next to a rustic African side table. Create a timeless but practical aesthetic and fill your kitchen cabinets with antique handmade plates and pottery and your dining table with antique breadboards. Or make a statement by hanging a weathered antique Chinese plough on a wall in your hallway as a simple and unique one-of- kind coat hook. These timeless staples will give your home subtle injections of style from faraway places and by simply mixing together rich colours, natural materials, patterns and textures you will create a unique modern global space.
Dining table from Home Barn with an antique breadboard and antique accessories on kitchen shelving 
So book that holiday if you can! Visit the mysterious African souks for silk cushions and handmade rugs, and the bustling Mediterranean flea markets for antique pottery and wooden dough bowls to complete your salvaged rustic dining table - and be wise with what you carry back home. Keep your colour schemes and style in mind and choose things you will treasure forever and are unique to your travel experience. 
.Think beautiful but practical - and as always, perfectly imperfect.
.Antique Puglian ceramic bowl No:5
And for everything that you can't bring home with you or wish you had......why not let us shop for you and come to Home Barn?