Decorating with Neutrals – the Home Barn Way

The leaves have turned golden and are crunching underfoot, there’s a chill in the air and the nights are drawing in. Autumn inevitably sees us retreating into our homes, and frankly we couldn’t be more delighted. What could be better than a relaxed and cosy evening in, surrounded by the comforts of home?

Here at Home Barn, our 
countryside location means that we’re constantly inspired by the colours and textures of nature, and never more so than in the autumn. The quieter, less showy tones of umber, russet and taupe are a sophisticated palette cleanser after the brasher colours of summer, and provide some brilliant interiors inspiration.


Think of a rustic reclaimed wood dining table topped with a mismatched collection of ceramics, vintage linen and antique glassware in a soothing neutral palette. It’s an instantly calming and timeless look.



The trick to decorating with neutrals is to add layers of interest. Start with reclaimed or vintage wooden furniture and use vintage decorative elements which tell their own story to add texture. Our antique pottery and ceramics make distinctive vases to top a cabinet or dining table and look striking filled with dried flowers or even a single branch – an emerging interiors trend.



An antique mirror is a thing of beauty in itself and will also bounce light around the room, while framed sea fans and botanicals also add interest and depth to walls.



Soften the look with tactile natural fibres like linen and wool in subtle colourways. Traditional kilim rugs will add warmth and cosiness to a wooden or stone floor, and our vintage linen grain sacks make wonderful cushion covers. Don’t worry about things looking perfect – embrace the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, which sees the beauty in imperfection.



Decorating with neutrals doesn’t mean that colour can’t play a role, too. In fact, a pop of colour can really make the look hang together. A soft, mustard-yellow cushion amid a group of grey, taupe and ivory fabrics adds an unexpected element – rather like the sun coming out on an autumn day.



Sally and Sarah x