Home Barn's 2019 vintage interior trends

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Hot off the heels from our trip to Maison&Objet Paris, one of the world’s biggest interior design fairs, we’re full of fresh ideas after spotting some exciting trends. There were some definite themes to the things that caught both of our attention, and they will be popping up in some of the vintage furniture and accessories we’ll be stocking at Home Barn this year.

Here are our Home Barn top vintage interior trends for 2019, to help inspire you in your own home, along with some of our favourite snapshots which we took as we paced the halls.It wasn’t the bright pops of colour that caught our eyes this year, but the clever use of neutral colours alongside natural fibres and textures. You would think that a lot of whites, greys and neutrals in a space would create something quite cold, but we found that the use of natural neutrals, layers and textures such as linens, waffle and salvaged wood combines to make a sumptuous and warming interior.

We loved the neutral tones and textures used here to style a reclaimed elm bench and coat peg and we’ll be channeling this back at Home Barn.

This is a term we created ourselves and kept coming back to! With our heart always with antiques we were drawn to many products which, although sometimes new, had a handmade, well-worn look. We fell in love with so many items that had been visibly mended, showed signs of weathering and quirky imperfections.

We love the effect this creates and the stories that each item can tell when it’s recycled, reclaimed and lovingly restored. Just like this 100 year old box which has traces of hand printed paper inside.

As well as a lot of natural colours, we were also drawn by the use of natural prints. Think seeds, pods, and botanical patterns all found in nature.

We were really drawn to the styling used at this table setting using full seed pods artistically placed across the table alongside reclaimed wooden bowls and natural linens. We also enjoyed seeing a lot seasonal foliage and even porcupine quills (which fall out naturally) used to create a natural style when dressing a table.

Beautifully complementing the natural tones and fibres we kept spotting were subtle nods to ethnicity. We were particularly taken with these handmade rugs and throws. They use a predominantly neutral palette, but with splashes of colour drawn from nature, and faded in both depth and texture.

We picked up several of these gorgeous rugs so keep an eye on our feed to see when they’re live on the site, or have a look at some of the hand woven kilim rugs and cushions which we already have in stock.

We’ve been championing elm in the home for a while now, so we were delighted to see its momentum is picking up. Salvaged elm is a beautiful colour and is full of small knots and imperfections, which gives it an authentic aged aesthetic.

We use elm throughout Home Barn with vintage stools, rustic benches, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs to create a natural, honest and homely look. Elm also looks fantastic when it’s draped with throws and runners in natural linen or a sheepskin.

We hope our rundown of top trends has got you excited and ready to introduce some of these themes into your home. We’ve brought back a lot of great new pieces from Maison&Objet so do pop in to see us, or keep checking the website as we post almost everything here online.

Sarah and Sally x