How To Shop Vintage: For Everyday, For Now And Forever


Shopping for antiques and unique vintage finds can feel like an overwhelming task for the uninitiated. But for many people these days, turning to antiques and vintage items, rather than mass produced homewares, is the key to furnishing their homes. Antiques last longer, are better value, better for the planet, and are the perfect way to reflect individuality and personal style.

Whether you’re a seasoned shopper, or a curious beginner, a good place to start is to prioritise what you need and be focused. Try not to start off by looking for everything at once. The likelihood is that you’ll probably come home with nothing – or worse, something that you don’t love and you don’t need. Allow your interior to evolve organically and gradually. Take your time. Think about what you need. Add investment pieces that will not only give you pleasure but will encourage your personal style to develop and last through the years. Choose wisely. Take time to seek out well made beautiful heirloom pieces that will inspire you to create your perfect home. Be patient – you will be less likely to make costly mistakes.


How To Shop Vintage: For Everyday, For Now And Forever


But what makes the perfect piece?

 At Home Barn we thrive on all things antique, rustic and reclaimed. We combine rustic living with a modern twist, and blend modern antiques with our rustic homewares. By blending modern trends with precious inherited pieces, your home will become a space that carries beautifully through the years. And mixing the old with the new will create a seamless and harmonious interior. Combine contemporary neutral furnishings with vintage accessories, antique furniture and textured elements and your home will exude calm, comfort and originality.


How To Shop Vintage: For Everyday, For Now And Forever


Fill your home with antique finds, unique pieces that are something special and you’ll keep forever, and your home will become a space that reflects your originality and personality. By choosing pieces that exist in harmony together, you will create a balanced and beautifully unified home. Focus your attention on a few signature pieces. Pieces that fit seamlessly into your interior and will work hard for you for years to come. Buy less, but better.


antique deconstructed hessian chair


Shop with conscience. Choose reclaimed furniture constructed from salvaged wood and you’ll be helping look after the environment too. ​​By investing in carefully considered, well-made key pieces for your home, you will in turn be taking a more sustainable approach to decorating your home. Consider the planet and repurpose! Use our dough bowls as unique fruit bowls. Our reclaimed antique ceramic pots could be a toothbrush holder. Old French jars would make wonderful storage in your larder. The list is endless!

By choosing wisely, and by spending time to search for the perfect piece, you will be investing in beautiful objects that our future generations will also love and appreciate.