How to style your coffee table

Welcome to our blog post – How to style your coffee table.

Aside from the sofa, the coffee table is probably our favourite piece of furniture for the living room. It’s the ultimate finishing touch and can be used in so many different ways. When it comes to styling a coffee table, the table can be placed either centrally amongst seating or up against a wall. The most important thing to consider, is what you’re going to put on it! From your most treasured coffee table books, to candles and of course, cups of tea and coffee!

Here are some of our favourite ideas for using a coffee table for a multitude of styles, sizes and functions:

1. Light up the room

If you’re looking beyond candles to add light to the table, a table lamp or lantern is decorative, but also functional.

2. Practical, stylish storage

For those with space, opt for a coffee table with in-built storage that won’t take away from style. Our original French 1930’s cart with metal wheels has an old pine timber top that lifts open on hinges to reveal additional space.

3. Entertain guests

You have the opportunity to show off your personal style on a coffee table. Layer up your most prized collectable books and art for your guests to enjoy perusing.

4. Contain the clutter

For larger coffee tables you may want to break up the expansive surface top of wood, metal or marble by adding a large tray. This can contain some of your favourite decorative pieces and also allow you to play with fresh colours to suit the room and season.

1. Striking structures

Instead of a big coffee table, you can use heavy, striking pieces – perhaps a collection of them if they’re ergonomic with the space – which can be easily moved around, such as our Tree Trunk Side Table.

2. Master minimalism

If you have a very small table, such as a Moroccan pouf, it’s best to keep the items atop few and small. A small potted succulent or vase of some delicate flowers will be enough.

3. Tidy layers

Layers of books and decorative objects look great but they quickly look too busy. Stick to an individual stack to keep it tidy and lessen the clutter.

4. Go mobile

We are often asked How to style your coffee table so if you’re looking for a table that can be moved around depending on the occasion, then this Wheeled Coffee Table Cart has wheels to manoeuvre easily when you’re entertaining or altering the shape of the room.

No matter what you choose to place on your coffee table, make sure it works with the bare materials of the table. We love adding a touch of history to a room as well as creating an interesting focal point by layering up vintage industrial and rustic pieces to add height, texture and colour.

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