Bring out the best in your books: How to style your shelves to suit your space

It’s no secret that the Home Barn team are avid bookworms. Yes, we love a good read, but we also just love styling up stacks of books on shelves or using collections of vintage books to jazz up a dull space. We’ve got some finely honed tips on how to display your books to help breathe some new life into your well-loved covers that we want to share with you.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people try and squeeze bookshelves into spaces that look cramped or equally buy shelves too small for the space. This should be a statement in the room.

This distressed box shelving unit is a mighty fine example as you can add more boxes to it or take away depending on the space in question.It’s easy to fall into the trap of cramping all the books together. Leave some space between them and throw in some other decorative items like a vase or plant pot to keep your shelves looking interesting.

Experiment with how the books are set out – some could be vertical, some could be stacked. Try colour coordinating them or organising by size.

These reclaimed ladder shelves lend themselves beautifully to a diverse display. Intersperse with books, ornaments, pictures…make it personal!

We appreciate that we don’t all have the space for full-on bookshelves, so we
suggest you pick multifunctional storage furniture. You can have a mix of shelves and drawer space to give you the best of everything. This vintage haberdashery shop counter is a great example of that.

Or perhaps you have a hallway with space for this industrial steel and salvaged
timber console with shelf. It doubles up as a place for your bits and pieces but also
has perfect shelf space to display your favourite titles.

Share your top tips on how you style books using the #myhomebarn tag! We love to see what you do in your own spaces with vintage pieces!

Sally & Sarah x