Selecting Practical Storage with Visual Appeal



Nothing beats the feeling of a tidy home. As everyone knows, it is easiest to keep tidy when everything has its own place. Though some may prefer built in storage that’s hidden away and out of sight, we prefer to use antique furniture that serves a purpose and adds visual appeal. We like our storage to be both wonderfully practical and effortlessly beautiful. Home Barn’s antique cabinets keep your treasures safe and neatly packed away, whilst bringing delightful charm into the room.

Rustic Storage for the Kitchen and Dining Room

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, full of life and stories. When selecting antique storage for this room, make sure you select pieces that are sturdy and able to withstand regular use.



Reclaimed furniture and vintage cabinets work particularly well in the kitchen. This is because, the natural appearance of aged wood is well suited to lived-in home environments. For a rustic kitchen, we love antique shelves because they offer both display and storage space. This makes them perfect for squirrelling away kitchen essentials, and keeping collections of crockery or glassware easily accessible. In addition, antique cabinets are usually made from quality solid wood. We often source reclaimed storage solutions made from a variety of species, like ancient elm for example which benefits from a unique weathered finish.

Every kitchen needs cupboard storage. A French dresser is the pièce de résistance of traditional kitchens, with neat shelves above and deep cupboards below. This aesthetic, glass-fronted piece will happily store large pots, pans or cookware whilst proudly showcasing ornaments and necessities alike.

Antique Cabinets for Living Rooms and Hallways

Living rooms and hallways are the perfect places to keep more delicate items like ornaments or a fragile vase. Here they are safely away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and busy family life.


Antique Cabinet | Matilda


Choosing something with drawers allows you to keep special things grouped together. One of our favourite pieces, the Kasia antique chest of drawers, is visually unique and has an interesting history. Originally a grain locker, this characterful piece has been reworked into a delightful chest of six uniform drawers, using the original salvaged wood the home is always more interesting when your furniture has its own story to tell!

Opting for rustic storage like cabinets with cupboard doors gives you plenty of room for larger pieces and stackable items like books. Extra points for cupboards with shelves inside, which make it much easier to keep things organised.

The Matilda antique cabinet for example, is made from solid pale pine with two lovely cupboards and four slim drawers. This cabinet is a wonderful addition to any home in need of extra storage. Choosing pieces with doors means you can keep the trappings of modern life, such as electricals and wires, out of sight and mind. Putting away gadgets will give the living space an extra calming feel, allowing you to truly unwind and enjoy the evening.

We hope our storage tips have inspired you to dust off your cupboards and cabinets, and reorganise! Or even treat your home to a new antique cabinet that will bring effortless style and ease to your daily life.