Victorian Blue Bottle Hexagonal Large


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Victorian Blue Bottle Hexagonal Large

Our Victorian Blue Bottle Hexagonal Large are truly beautiful treasures from the past.

We would use these historical glass bottles as vases for foraged stems. However, they would also work as decorative items in your home, a small collection of different shapes and sizes would look wonderful. Take this as your sign to begin collecting.

We often call these blue bottles poison bottles. From the mid to late 1800s, people used poisonous substances to control pests, plants, and to apply to the skin. Manufacturers gave these bottles distinctive features to prevent accidental ingestion, which now makes them fun to collect. The bottles are coloured in cobalt blue, inky black, and dark green to ensure easy identification.

Three-dimensional raised lettering or inlays of the words ‘POISON’ or ‘DEATH’ further indicated that the contents were dangerous, but before electric lights, it might be easy to make a mistake and swallow the wrong medicine. Pattern includes latticework, stripes, geometric shapes, and often a skull and crossbones.

All our bottles are dug from Victorian bottle tips. When they are uncovered they are very dirty and covered in limescale and calcium deposits making them cloudy and opaque.  We clean our bottles so that they gleam as they would have when they were first made.

In conclusion these are delightful collectables.


Dimensions of Victorian Blue Bottle:

15-18cm height

4-5cm width


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