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Traditional African Raffia Artwork | No.1 – Kuba Fabric

A Traditional African Raffia Artwork | No.1, each piece of cloth has been suspended and floats in a black metal frame which allows the textile to hang, whilst being held under tension so that it always sits flat.

Each of our artworks is unique in design and they create a wonderfully eye-catching statement either singly or as a part of a group.

These beautiful artworks have so much texture and depth, they are the most eye-catching piece of original antique artwork we have ever come across.

Our artworks originating from Africa are also known as Kassai velvet fabrics. The fabrics were originally made to adorn the seats of important villagers and were often worn ceremonially.

The fabric panels were hand woven by African village women in Zaire. The raffia panels were originally used as currency amongst villagers, this expertly hand-made material was treated as a valuable commodity.

Each panel woven by the women incorporates velvet-like elements, this velvet texture is created by soaking, twisting and manipulating the raffia until it breaks down into filament-like fibres which are soft and flexible.

The panels are dyed using organically sourced materials from the surrounding countryside. Charcoal and tree bark are commonly used to create the colour.

The raised parts are created using a needle to embroider soft and tactile raffia tufts.  The tufts are then cut down to around 2cm deep. There are pills, squares, hexagons and knots within the raised design. Appliqué is often used within the design, where other fabrics are embedded into the embroidery.

There are over 150 unique designs of Kuba panels. The designs are ornamental and geometric and were inspired by things found in the natural world (footprints, fish, and trees to name but a few).

This is a newly made and traditionally hand-crafted item which has an authentic heritage look and feel to it.


Dimensions of Traditional African Raffia Artwork | No.1

This artwork can be hung in portrait or landscape

Height – 69 cm

Width – 60 cm

Depth – 3.5 cm




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