Our guide to buying the perfect dining table

We have a real soft spot for a good dining table, and it’s hands down one of our favourite things to stock here at Home Barn. A great dining table becomes a gathering spot for the whole family, somewhere to eat together, to entertain friends, play games, do homework, fold laundry, wrap presents – it really is the heart of the home!

As it’s such an important buy it’s worth investing the time and money to find the perfect one. So what do you need to look for? From craftsmanship to materials and size, we’ve pulled together this blog post to guide you through all the options to find the perfect dining table for you and your family.

To start with, you need to think about the placement of your dining table and then measure carefully to see what size table you can fit. Make sure you allow plenty of room for chairs, benches and getting yourself in and out – you want to make sure the table sits centrally and isn’t hindered by being too close to a wall.

Once you have your perfect size you can start to look at styles and materials. Almost all of our dining tables are available in a selection of sizes to fit into most spaces, and some also come with leaf extensions to make an extending dining table. This is worth having in mind if you’d like to have a slightly smaller table for the day-to-day, ready to extend for extra guests when entertaining. Our recommendation is to always go for a table made of sturdy stuff, and for us wood is always best! You know that if you choose a rustic dining table made of reclaimed wood or a farmhouse table made from salvaged wood that it has already passed the test of time, and should stand up to anything you and your family throw at it!

Our reclaimed wood dining tables are all made by our team of expert local craftsman and cabinet-makers. Carefully hand selected, the salvaged timbers are perfectly imperfect in appearance with authentic dents and patina. All of these nicks and scratches are part of its look and feel so if any budding artists in your family get to it, it will only add to its character.

Next, have a think about which seating set-up you’d like to use. Maybe you’ve got your heart set on a certain type of chair already, would like to revamp your existing chairs, mix and match vintage chairs for an eclectic look, or opt for a dining table with bench on one or both sides.

Whichever option you go for, consider the height of the table and your seating to make sure you can all sit comfortably without banging any knees or thighs! Also think about the placement of seating around your table – would a bench without a back be beneficial to tuck under the table when not in use to save on space around the table?

As we favour a rustic wooden dining table that will stand the test of time, we recommend adding pops of colour and style through the dressing of your dining table. Pops of colour can be added through the seating you choose, a vintage runner, cushions, colourful tableware and decorative accessories.

We love using one of our vintage linen runners to add colour and create a focal piece for the table. Decorate with seasonal foliage and a tall candle holder or two to add height and interest. Lay your tableware out ahead of time and light your candles to create the ultimate impact when entertaining.

We’d love to help you find your perfect dining table, and with all of our handcrafted options we’re sure we can find a table you’ll treasure forever. If you’re looking for something particular or have a tricky space or size to contend with please do get in touch – we’re always up for a challenge!

Sarah and Sally x