How to Achieve the Perfect Summer Tablescape

As we move into those balmy summer days, it’s the perfect time to get our entertaining spaces ready for those all-important rendezvous. Whether you’re hosting for the whole family or for special guests, a beautiful table setting means summer dining is all the more pleasurable.


The Essentials

First and foremost is the dining table, if you’re hosting for a large group of people a large dining table might be worth investing in. At Home Barn we have a beautiful indoor and outdoor rustic dining tables that can be perfectly placed to create the inviting yet eye-catching statement you’re longing for.

It’s also essential to think about your tableware. From the tablecloths you choose to the crockery you adorn it with, these small and intricate pieces will bring the scheme together. Think rustic breadboards, handwoven placemats and decorative ceramic bowls, each piece will work together to create a desirable tablescape.


Choose the Theme

Before you begin decorating your summer tablescape, consider the style and colour palette you want to work with. Think about your theme and what works best with your existing interior as this will form the foundation of your table setting. We would recommend opting for two main colours, then adding splashes of colour or similar tones across your table.

For those who are decorating with a rustic aesthetic, colours such as sage green, blush pink, cream and white work beautifully with country-style settings. Introduce these shades effortlessly with textiles, such as a tablecloth and napkins or through seasonal flowers and other table accessories for a cohesive scheme.



Add Floral Details

No summer dining area is complete without beautiful blooms. Whether you for wild flowers or purchase a bouquet from your local florist, the flowers you choose will set the tone. For an alternative look, faux or dried flowers and foliage are an ideal choice and will work well when placed in an urn or in a series of small vases across the table. We have a beautiful choice of faux floral blooms, from poppy stems to pretty succulents.


Floral Details


Time for the Finishing Touches

The smaller details can instantly transform a table, so as to personalise the experience for friends and family. Add handmade name cards, candles and decorative ornaments such as napkin rings to take your table setting to the next level. Elegant candle holders are crucial to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere, simply select a few glass jars and place pillar candles inside. Add some vase fillers around the candle, such as sand, pebbles or stones for a truly rustic look and feel.


Finishing touches

We hope this blog has inspired you to think about how you are going to decorate for entertaining this summer. Remember, it’s all in the details!