Introduce Vintage Homeware to Your Interior


Our homes are places we hold close to our hearts, filled with love and memories. They are a reflection of our individual experiences, and personal tastes. Each room tells a story through the decorative pieces within it. Adorn your home with vintage homeware, and antique accessories to weave history into the aesthetic of the interior, and give a richer narrative to the story of the home.

We’ve pulled together a selection of our most useful ideas to help you bring the allure of vintage homeware into your interior.

Introducing Vintage Homeware to the Living Room

The living room is a place often associated with comfort, a place to relax and entertain friends. When decorating this area, it’s important to bear in mind the surfaces and textures within the room, as they add depth to the space. To decorate with characterful homeware, start with a rustic or reclaimed wooden bench. The soft undulated texture of the wood feels beautiful under hand, bringing interest to the room. This can then be decorated with treasured pieces from your collection, or antique accessories that have been collected through the years, creating a laid back, layered look.

Textiles are an important aspect of the living room as they give the impression of comfort. Including vintage textiles such as, hand-woven kilim rugs give a sense of uniqueness and character to the home. To give a further sense of comfort through vintage decorating, fill a rustic trunk or woven basket with blankets or cushions.


Bring Antique Accessories and Rustic Furniture to the Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen there are several lovely ways you can add a touch of character with decorative antiques. Put together an eclectic mix of antique ceramics, and arrange thoughtfully on open shelves. Consider varying shapes and heights, and lay them out uniformly to draw attention to their differences. Alternatively, experiment with varying lay outs for a relaxed look.

The centrepiece of any modern rustic kitchen, is the reclaimed wooden table. The beautiful timber has textures, colours, and marks that can’t be manufactured and will evolve over time. Loved ones will gather around for generations to come, and the kitchen table will become part of your homes story.

We hope you enjoyed reading ideas of how you can bring a touch of history and sophistication to your home.