Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables. We love the concept of informal dining. Our reclaimed dining tables take centre stage in the heart of the home. The salvaged timbers exude rustic charm which is both inviting and welcoming. They are the perfect family table. Read our blog about reclaimed dining tables below.

Homebarn’s dining tables are designed by us. They are hand made exclusively for us by our team of local craftsman in the UK.


Our casually elegant tables are made in a number of styles to suit every home from refectory to industrial warehouse and rustic farmhouse. There are six designs to choose from and they are individually made to the length you require.


Solidly made, our reclaimed solid wood tables are the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine and a laptop at the end of a long day. Their casual relaxed feel make them perfect for socialising with friends and family.


The construction of our tables is traditional using sustainable materials. The timbers are sourced locally from architectural salvage specialists. We use chunky solid timbers, breadboard ends and traditional joints.


Our timbers are rustic looking with authentic dents and patination which mean that you don’t fret about every little spill and scratch. The grain, colour and texture of each table is slightly different making each one quite unique.

All our designs are based on traditional classics. The refectory table was historically a long narrow table for communal dining. Our tables are available in lengths from 5ft to 8ft long.

Benches are available to match each table design. Benches complete the casual refectory look and have the added bonus of being able to accommodate an unexpected crowd for dinner.

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