Summer Entertaining Season - Outdoors And In!

There’s something so wonderful about how the summer makes us increasingly more social. It’s probably because the sun lifts everyone’s spirits so instead of closeting ourselves in our homes to avoid being grouchy with the outside world, we actually like being around people! Indoors or outdoors, it’s worth getting yourself prepped for the influx of guests that will no doubt be gracing your home and luckily, we have just what you need to help with that. Here are some of our top tips:

We’re not all blessed with gardens sadly, particularly those of us who live in cities, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get the outdoor feeling in the space you do have! Stock up on planters like these Galvanized planters (that work well outdoors too) or even a trug like this Antique Oak Champagne Grape one. Get creative with how you display them too. Ladder shelves like this one were made to be draped in plants!

If you’re not green fingered, art work inspired by nature is a good way to make it feel like you’re getting a taste of the outdoors. We found these vintage scientific botanical teaching prints recently and they’re a great example of how to do that!

Candles, candles, more candles. Sets the ambience for the evening but also softens the light in the room, which makes it super inviting for guests. Beautiful candleholders are essential! Why not try something like glass tealight candles, marble candle holders, or black marble candle holders?

Bringing a decorative piece into the garden like these iron disks, add a touch of warmth and are a fantastic contrast for natural wood. The weathered finish is just perfect for an outdoor space.

Al fresco dining never gets old! A cold drink in hand, the warm summer evening stretching out ahead and a relaxed meal outside. Eating outside makes everything taste so much better! The weathered look of the reclaimed wood trestle table is just the ticket for summertime entertaining.

We love a splash of colour in our lives, especially outdoors. Why not plant an English Lavender bush in pots to add some colour in green spaces. The French variety has a more vivid hue if you want a bolder look. And if you’re feeling really wild, why not both? Something like these galvinised planters are perfect for adding that extra something to your garden.

Adding shrubbery to your outdoor space is not only decorative, especially if you have mastered the art of carving your shrubs into the shape of your favourite poodle, but also provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with different textures in your pots and planters. Pairing soft organic plants with the hard, textured surfaces of the marble urn is a sure way to add depth and variety to your garden.

The best advice we can give with your summer entertaining is to make it as welcoming as possible and make it unique to you. Choose what you most enjoy and have fun with it!